Integrated Wellness
& Health Balance Center

2318 9th Avenue North
Regina, SK S4R 8C5
Phone: 306.757.7107
Integrated Wellness & Health Balance Center
2318 9th Ave. N., Regina, SK S4R 8C5
Phone: 306.757.7107

Health and Wellness Services in Regina

At Integrated Wellness & Health Balance Center, we will try to help you understand and learn how to make a shift from illness maintenance to wellness, by focusing on and supporting our inner doctors to heal.



For someone to have ageless living and a vibrant life, it takes the neuro, endocrine, and human function to be balanced, and the cellular receptors to be clean. That is why we provide a thorough health evaluation in order to determine the root cause of illness, as well as physician consultation. We organize a personalized treatment plan, extensive women’s and men’s health, and nutrition and exercixe through physical fitness and health balance.

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Dr. Kabongo is a Clinical Assistant Professor with the University of Saskatchewan. He is Board Certified in Family Medicine with the Canadian College of Family Medicine (CCFP). He also has a Certificate in Integrative Medicine and Age Management with the Age Management Group – Cenegenics and A4M USA. He now focuses his interest solely on Integrative Medicine – learn more about the services we offer at Integrated Wellness & Health Balance Center below.


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Family Medicine/General Practice

For family medicine you can depend on, you’ve come to the right place. We are a general practice that offers checkups, health evaluations, illness maintenance, and disease management, among other holistic services for those of all ages.

Nutrition and Exercise

Personalized nutrition and exercise is achieved through a comprehensive physical fitness plan, as well as health balance when it comes to your diet. We also provide hormone optimization and nutraceuticals supplementation.

Prenatal Visit/General Gynecology

Our well baby clinic is available to ensure your child is healthy and happy at any stage. You can also schedule a prenatal visit for regular wellness checks during your pregnancy, as well as general gynecology to maintain optimal women’s health.

Minor Surgeries and Procedures

We perform minor surgical procedures in conjunction with thorough health examinations and individualized treatment plans. Our team will extensively research your condition and determine the procedure that best suits your needs.


Pain Management and Addiction

If you are seeking pain management and relief from addiction, our health center offers a number of services that can be tailored to your individual case. We provide alternative medicine, functional medicine, and palliative care for serious illnesses.


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Addictions and Chronic Pain

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